1. The winning ticket will be drawn Saturday October 24, 2020.  The draw will be made at the Tillsonburg Town Centre Mall by the President of the Tillsonburg Rotary Club, or designate.

2. A total of 1000 tickets will be printed.  The winner will receive 50% of proceeds collected through ticket sales.

3. The winner of the prize will be announced through local media (Norfolk & Tillsonburg News), shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and every effort made to contact those winners personally. 

4. Each ticket is eligible to win once.

5. Tickets will be sold for $5 each and entitles the holder to participate in the 24-Oct-2020 draw. 

6. The prize to be claimed through the Tillsonburg Rotary Club, P.0. Box 126, Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 4H3

7. This lottery is conducted under a Lottery License issued by the Province of Ontario.  Lottery License Number: M-601276

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